YOUnique Wholistics was born out of a desire to help others rediscover and experience the beauty and joy in their lives. To do this I truly believe we must first uncover our true self, that unique essence that makes you the divine gift that you are. Through Conscious Expansion we are able to connect to our highest self and live our Truth out loud!

To do this, we must remember that our bodies and souls work together to create a unity that is wellness. If we are living in a place of dis-ease, for any reason, we are not reflecting deeply enough to understand our true desires, needs and capabilities. Once we embrace ourselves wholly we begin to open to a higher power that has resided within us all along.

It is out of this philosophy that my truth, that which fills up my love tank, that provides joy and great desire to continue on, that which is my deeper calling has been revealed.

My intention/legacy is this: To be a voice and a place of hope & support for all souls who may feel lost along their journey… mental health, addiction, chronic illness, gifted children & adults! To advocate for those unable to and open our societal thinking to accept without judgement and come from a place of love, compassion, empathy in pure consciousness!


Janel’s work is geared toward spiritual awakening and support of the souls who are lost and looking for hope to recover, souls who are seeking to rebuild and those who would like to reunite with their truest self. I support those who:

  • Are struggling with Chronic Illness
  • Are Seeking lifelong Recovery from addiction
  • Are living with mental health concerns, such as Depression, Anxiety and other “invisible” dis-eases
  • Are awakening to the realization that there is so much more we are here to be and do…
  • Are ready to embark on their Divine Soul’s Purpose
  • Are Living with or Raising Consciously gifted children (Often those diagnosed/labeled with ASD, ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, etc.) and want to understand and support their child on a deeper level allowing them to live their most authentic self
  • Are Consciously Gifted (adults and children) and want to remain true to self
  • Are seeking tools as Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) or Empaths to Ground, Center and Protect yourself on a daily basis from the constant energy attaches we experience
  • Are questioning their own Spirituality or unable to recognize their life as spiritual without an ability to designate a religious alliance. (Spirituality, Religion and Faith are all inclusive subjects that have very different regard and focus)
    • Spirituality: Spirituality brings purpose and meaning to life. It helps us understand our place in the world and honor the thing that are greater than just us — community, service to others, and a relationship with a Higher Power.
    • Religion: “According to religioustolerance.org, religion may be defined as, “Any system of belief about a deity, often involving rituals, a code of ethics, a philosophy of life, and a world view.” It is straightforward and can be experienced through our senses.”
    • Faith: “Faith is our belief and trust in a Higher Power”
  • Are simply needing to release to allow space for increased receiving and understanding
  • Are looking to create more space and lightness
  • Are wishing to have a relaxing and refreshing healing session
  • Are looking for guidance through affirmation and spiritually guided readings

I offer teachings and healing services that allow you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you know you are destined to be… Helping you to make sense of the apparent nonsensical! Enlightenment comes in all forms and in embracing messages the universe is sending, you can begin to embark on a Journey far more exciting and fulfilling, through conscious communication and co-creation with your highest self and the universe. Through learning, receiving and utilizing techniques such as Reiki, Access Bars, sound healing, meditation and mindfulness practices, breathe techniques and earth medicine, universal language and self-communication you begin to create a life built on your souls deepest desires and you will be amazed at the space, lightness and Joy in which life begins to flow.

My philosophy regarding everything I practice and teach is that we will not fully thrive until we recognize the need for lifestyle changes, for reflecting on the ancestral ways that have been replaced by our current fast-paced, technologically focused lifestyles. Recognizing that we cannot achieve true wellness unless we embrace the mind, body, soul connection has been absolutely Life changing! Therefore we often simultaneously explore a more natural approach to life, utilizing earth’s energy and natural resources that are available to us to assist in achieving a less toxic body and lifestyle. I offer support as well those who are simply interested in wellness as a whole experience…. lifestyle, nutrition, supplements and essential oils.  (to follow Younique Wholistics with Janel on Facebook click here).

I am grateful we have found each other, and it is truly an honor to meet you!