I’ve yet to meet anyone quite like Janel…she is truly the one stop shop with enough love and positivity to fuel the world! She’s an expert on everything from essential oils to crystals, energy work to life coaching. She is so real and vulnerable and truly practices what she preaches. She exceeds my expectations every time we talk and I am constantly learning from her — whether it’s new homeopathic remedies or insightful quotes. I highly recommend her to anyone needing any kind of treatment — it’s impossible not to be changed and enlightened after working with Janel!

Meaghan McMahon – Niece, Client

Janel is amazing and has such wonderful things to share in this world. Thank you for creating this page and always sending out positive vibes of love and energy. I have done 2 Bar sessions and it was amazing! I look forward to try many more of all the wonderful services she offers. She is highly recommended!

Sherry Amos – Client, Group Member, Friend

Janel radiates endless love! I have spent many hours conversing with her just about anything and everything. Her passion for helping people, her experiences and her vast knowledge in multiple spiritual and healing practices are conspicuous! Every single conversation with her has led me to a new awareness, understanding and acceptance. I’m thankful for them all and grateful to have Janel in my life.

Hila Swindell – Friend, Group Member