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Sierra Raindrops is where my online presence and my will to help others began in 2016. I had experienced essential oils the December prior and began my journey with healing. I had lived in a place of suicidal ideation for almost 30 years and was then diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Upon further research and discover it ended up that my body was actually shutting down. Stage 4 Adrenal Fatigue was the “diagnosis” I needed to begin a long and sometimes very dark and difficult natural recovery journey.


Essential Oils, specifically Young Living Essential Oils have been an absolute blessed gift to me and my journey! I remain passionate about the use of essential oils in my everyday life and will be referencing them throughout this site and in my blog. How I have used them, how theyΒ have transformed my health and allowed me guidance into a much deeper meditation practice and life-style. How I have moved to a Non-Toxic lifestyle with the awesome quality of these oils…

This category is a sister venture with my latest chapter of moving through spiritual growth and following my divine calling. As an Empath with a vast array of experiences and knowledge I am finally able to accept my calling as a Healer. In my search for the “right” way I uncovered layers of emotional and physical trauma as well as misaligned and unbalanced hormones, lifestyle, etc.

My anxiety had grown so great that I literally could not handle leaving the house most days. I chose to self-isolate for about 5 years, being at home with my children and leaving only when I absolutely had too. And if I did… whoa… one outing could easily create days of recovery. I had lost all of my muscle mass and could barely stand for more than 5 minutes without being in excruciating pain.

Through my journey I had no insurance, was on disability and had seperated from my husband. I knew that I no longer wanted to have any pharmaceuticals in my system and that there had to be a way to naturally get myself to a place of functioning, then thriving. I was eventually led to essential oils and boy oh howdy… how quickly my life has begun to turn around… In just over a year I have revitalized some beautiful friendships, been blessed by new ones and am now offering support and coaching to others who are on their wellness journey. Please check out my blog and follow me on Facebook at YOUnique Wholistics for alternative health ideas, experiences, education and support!

As well, check out Services and Scheduling to see when and where we can meet up live and in person! I am currently teaching classes, host a Conversation Circle and offer coaching and support in a range of fields both locally and online! I am currently available as a speaker at your event… My dream in life is to share my stories as inspiration to others… My motto: “Get the conversation started”! Then no one will ever have to go it alone!

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