I am Honored and Grateful to Offer a Scholarships Program…

Having navigated my own healing due to lack of insurance, lack of finances and a commitment to a natural recovery, I am devoted to the belief that No one in Pain should be without Healing. I will not turn anyone away who is willing to show up for themselves. I offer sliding scale to accommodate your means of healing.
To assist with scholarship awards, we also accept contributions to the scholarship fund. Below are instructions if you are called to donate to the scholarship fund.
If you are in need of support and would like to request a scholarship or assistance with payments, please use the Contact Form and submit your request to me personally and privately…
If you are feeling called to serve by way of donating to the scholarship fund to offer support and healing to someone who truly needs guidance but cannot afford it, please contact me directly and we can discuss the method that is most appropriate for your donation to be received. I gratefully accept your assistance and thank you for sharing your love and support of others in need… Namasté