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Janel is an Empath who consults as an intuitive healer to help you achieve your goals and true inner happiness. she works with clients to clear energy blocks and realign chakras, and in exploring natural methods for overall wellness. Many experiences we continue to carry through our emotions that remain stored deep within our cellular memory may finally be released. In releasing these emotional blockages we open the body, mind and spirit to receive more healing and positive energy while allowing what is no longer serving us to be released.

She supports others in vastly different ways; emotionally, spiritually and physically. Leading a healthy lifestyle is important and never underestimate the impact our psyche can have on one’s physical well being. If we are going to make it through this life, we need to take care of ourselves beyond the typical nutrition and exercise. We work together to discuss, move, release & heal your dis-ease, close open wounds, and to possibly make sense of the unexplainable things that happen to us. Janel believes that we can always bounce back from what knocks us down, coming back and healing to a state of being strong and empowered greater than before.

Personal Empowerment Sessions with Janel: (also available via video conference)

Janel works with clients at all levels of spiritual and business development from just beginning their journey into spiritual awakening to the most advanced souls looking to up-level their visibility and growing their message globally… as well as those looking to begin a more natural, less toxic lifestyle through natural and ancestral methods.

She is your source to Bridging the gap between where you are and where you are divinely guided to be. She works in blessed and sacred space and through meditation to assist you in sharing your message in a way that is as authentic and unique as you.

Utilizing her strong intuitive and empathic gifts, Janel incorporates many mediums and tools into her sessions as she is called by her guides. A session can include a reading, crystal therapy, aromatherapy and energy work, essential oils, sound therapy or any combination of the above. Each session is a unique and guided experience.


**Services are offered at Grass Valley Yoga, traveling services as well as Telecalls also available.

My pricing: $50/30 min; $100/60 min and $150/90 min
(Unless otherwise noted);

  Intuitive Readings

  Consulting/Coaching Sessions

happybabybarsquote Access Consciousness Access Bars®

During an Access Bars session, I lightly hold specific points on your head which, when held, dissipate the electromagnetic component of thoughts feelings and emotions. Its like hitting the delete button on your hard drive. This is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process, undoing limitation in all aspects of your life that you are willing to change.

At worst, receiving a session will leave you feeling like you had a great massage; at best, your whole life may change. Session usually runs about 90 minutes to run all Access Bars. (All times are approximate)

  • Mini-session Access Bars – Target specific concerns including sleep, health and weight, money, sex and relationships, anxiety, stress and more or to assist in areas of great growth and receiving abundantly, with ease  – 45 min – $75
  • Access Bars for your child – With paid adult session – 30 min – $30; As stand-alone – 30 min – $50

   Mind, Body, Spirit Alignment

(Intuitive Healing Session)

  Release and Renew

(Consultation and Intuitive Healing Session)

 Meditation/Mindfulness Training

  Intuitive Techno Geek Consultation

 **Studio sessions now available at Grass Valley Yoga at Alta Sierra Dr. in  Grass Valley. By Appointment Only – no walk-ins please; you may contact me to schedule your sessions at or via Facebook Messenger.



Are you emerging into your spiritual journey and want a support who understands you and your needs/desires?

Are you awakening to your divine calling and need help determining your next steps?

Are you a lightworker who has a message to share with the world?

Have you shared your message and are now in a place of great Abundance that requires support and automation?

Are you more interested in personal contact than experiencing energy drains from the day-to-day tasks of running your Soulpreneurship?

Schedule a session with Janel to determine how she may support you in your Life’s Diving Calling!

Offering support in these and many other areas:

  • Get your Access Bars® run
  • Supporting souls through awakening and self-discovery
  • Supporting souls who desire to heal or loved ones who support someone with “Invisible Dis-ease” – chronic and mental health, auto-immune disorders and ASD Support
  • Offering guidance in a more natural lifestyle for full mind/body/soul wellness
  • Offering opportunities to explore life beyond NORMAL and embracing Living Your Truth
  • Energy Work
  • Tutorials/Training in utilizing technology in your business
  • Web design/Up Leveling
  • Social Media Creation/Automation
  • Process Automation
  • Media integration and support

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**Currently available for speaking opportunities in multiple arenas of support including but not limited to Conscious Parenting, Living life beyond Normal, Autism support, Trauma Life, Vaccine awareness, Mental, Emotional and Physical Balance and Alignment, as well as Technology in spiritual life work.
Please contact me and let’s see if I’m we’re good fit for your next conference or event!

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**For support in recovery from addiction, chronic illness, depression, anxiety and suicidal idealization, as well as technological support I recommend taking advantage of a pre-purchase package as this typically takes more time and support and would allow me to deeply support you in your journey back into the light… Pre-purchase packages offer great savings opportunities (see below).

Pre-purchase options – Session Discounts available when purchased in advance; for use on any session experience currently offered including Raindrop Technique (travel costs extra).

3 60-Minute sessions plus The Extras (Enjoy 15% Savings) $257
6 One-hour sessions plus The Extras (that’s ONE session FREE) $497
12 One-hour sessions plus The Extras (that’s TWO sessions FREE) $997

  • *** Extras included in all packages:
    • Weekly Inspirational Emails, Membership to Private Facebook support Group, and VIP Access via text and email
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