Services & Scheduling

Janel is an Empath who consults as an intuitive healer to help you achieve your goals and true inner happiness. she works with clients to clear energy blocks and realign chakras, and in exploring natural methods for overall wellness. Many experiences we continue to carry through our emotions that remain stored deep within our cellular memory may finally be released. In releasing these emotional blockages we open the body, mind and spirit to receive more healing and positive energy while allowing what is no longer serving us to be released.

She supports others in vastly different ways; emotionally, spiritually and physically. Leading a healthy lifestyle is important and never underestimate the impact our psyche can have on one’s physical well being. If we are going to make it through this life, we need to take care of ourselves beyond the typical nutrition and exercise. We work together to discuss, move, release & heal your dis-ease, close open wounds, and to possibly make sense of the non-sensicle things that happen to us. Janel believes that we can always bounce back from what knocks us down, coming back and healing to a state of being strong and empowered greater than before.

Personal Empowerment Sessions with Janel: (also available via video conference)

Janel works with clients at all levels of spiritual and business development from just beginning their journey into spiritual awakening to the most advanced souls looking to up-level their visibility and growing their message globallyโ€ฆ as well as those looking to begin a more natural, less toxic lifestyle through natural and ancestral methods.

She is your source to Bridging the gap between where you are and where you are divinely guided to be. She works in blessed and sacred space and through meditation to assist you in sharing your message in a way that is as authentic and unique as you.

Utilizing her strong intuitive and empathic gifts, Janel incorporates many mediums and tools into her sessions as she is called by her guides. A session can include a reading, crystal therapy, aromatherapy and energy work, essential oils, sound therapy or any combination of the above. Each session is a unique and guided experience.