Janel’s Mission

Janel shares a unique perspective in our world and offers Mind/Body/Spirit Alignment and Consciousness Expansion facilitation and training to children and adults in our community and throughout the world.

Janel is the mother of 4 wonderful children and embraces each for the unique gift they are in our world. Upon the diagnosis of her youngest child with Autism Spectrum Disorder she was led into a journey of deep conscious exploration. She believes that our gifted children provide much in-sight when respected for their unique views and boundaries. In offering Conscious Parenting Perspectives, Janel shares that in honoring each child as the individual gift they are, in allowing ourselves to learn much from them, we can support A Journey IN Joy, not a lifetime in search of it.



Janel’s aspires is to be a voice and source of hope for all that feel lost along their journey… mental health, addiction, chronic illness as well as gifted children and adults; To advocate for those unable and expand societal consciousness to accept without judgement and come from a place of love, compassion & empathy. Although she has many passions, of which she shares knowledge and experiences through teaching, speaking, community gathering, and advocacy, the vastness of her message is to expand individual’s awareness, allowing for a purer recognition of our truest self as well as the world we explore.


Having experienced most of her life through the lens of societal “Normal”, battling severe mental health distress and chronic illness, she made a choice to self-navigate her recovery utilizing natural methods and means. Through this journey she realized the intricate connection of the mind, spirit and physical body. She embarked on an evolutionary journey that ultimately led her to much exploration and trainings. She possesses certifications as a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and an Access Bars Practitioner.

In releasing societal ideologies in search of living an authentically aligned life, Janel recognized the need to share in our community how, through consciousness expansion and choice, everyone can find healing and embrace freedom from whatever is preventing them from experiencing the Joy and Love in which their life is meant to be explored. She advocates that no one in pain should be without healing, and that exploring natural methods and lifestyles should be encouraged and accessible to anyone. Janel helps share awareness around Autism and other special diagnosis’ and offers support to those living with special needs children.

In Starting the Conversations, we can foster greater connections and reduce the distress with which so many are experiencing their lives. In sharing love, we offer connection … and our truest basic human needs are far beyond that of food, water and shelter. Our truest basic needs are Love, Connection and Hope! In releasing Judgement, in living without limits and in opening our perspective… we CAN heal the world…


Janel shares Mind/Body/Spirit Alignment and Consciousness Expansion facilitation and training in our world to. Book your session today and feel the ease and joy you deserve to Live!