Intuitive Techno Geek

I’m finally outing myself of a lifetime of total geekdom! I loved electronics and computers and at a very young age, as many do today, and would totally get lost in the experiences! Through trial and error I have taught myself and even ventured far enough to add Computer Science as my minor in college. Today, I still love working with technology, designing and analyzing!

For some reason I kicked and screamed my way away from following the calling I’ve had for a long time because this, this computer thing… it’s too easy… it can’t be how i’m supposed to support and help others! It must be something deeper… then finally, a dong rang and it came that this too was just an additional area of passion, love and service I was to continue exploring! So with that… here I am!

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My most recent venture was divinely given to me when I asked source to show me how to move forward… and has offered me so much healing, growth and validation in return! I love working a few days a week at my beautiful friends metaphysical shop helping her out by launching herย new website, automating services and procedures as well as social media integration, and nowย offering online appointment booking! We are getting ready to take on the project of launching an online storefront! Positive Practice Metaphysical Store has shown me that although we may not recognize our gifts, others honor and are blessed by them!

Please check out my Announcements and Servicesย give me the honor of supporting you on your journey… no matter where you are! Also, follow my Facebook page at Intuitive Techno Geek for more information related to technology and intuitively sharing your message and living YOUR Divine calling!

Services offered through Your Intuitive Techno Geek:

  • Tutorials/Training in utilizing technology in your business
  • Web design/Up Leveling
  • Social Media Creation/Automation
  • Process Automation
  • Media integration and support
  • Google Ad Certified Specialist
  • Administration/Operations specialist