Adopting An Attitude of Gratitude…

What if gratitude replaces shame & guilt… and offers lightness and love to the recipient! A lot less heavy, huh?

This transition began about 18 months ago for me… and to be honest it has truly helped me on an exponential level… it has transformed the way I make plans & my choices!

In looking for the gratitude in our actions and choices, we cannot help but to truly investigate the situation, feeling the depth of it and offering ourselves the opportunity to possibly choose differently from the get go!


Example: I make plans to have coffee with a friend. On the morning of, I’m lost in my self, feeling down, generally unwell.

Instead of simply declining by sending an “I’m sorry”… I now have a responsibility to say “thank you for”…

In feeling through the thank you’s, I begin an internal emotional discussion… one that only allows ME to feel the truth behind the choice. If all I come up with for ty’s can be explained away in my comfort of isolation, if there’s a lingering feeling of shame, or guilt… I skip the message and show up!!!

If I can truly say that I am honoring myself, attending to my needs, offering self-care as my truth behind the situation, I remain light, without the heaviness of negative emotion… I shoot of a thank you backed in Love and compassion and deep gratitude with little delay!

In some scenarios, we can apply this prior to scheduling…

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Are you creating more stress by trying to schedule something too close together… do you know this means you will be late and require an apology upon arrival?

Then don’t… offer your truth at the time… “i’d love to meet you at 10, but ya know, I’ve got something and could be there about 10:10. Will that be okay for your schedule?” (Anxiety Buster too!)πŸ˜‹

In feeling the emotion behind the message you may find you are able to push through some old habits or behaviors that are no longer serving you.

AND… the reaction when my friends receive a “Thank You instead of an “I’m Sorry”… Priceless… in this we can feel the sharing of light… πŸ’›

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I’d love to hear your experiences! Please share below your thoughts on this concept and experiences you had being in gratitude!

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