Control or Respect… You Choose

This breaks my heart and boils my blood all at the same time…

I can’t think of any way this can be taken out of context… I’ve watched it, and felt it over and over … you can feel the discomfort long before the reaction of the father…

Yet, due to the teachings of stature in our society we are taught to fear, to feel inferior, or to not be disrespectful to our elders or these in place of perceived Power…

This poor family does not respond to the discomfort until they are forced to react… at this point, the trauma has already occurred and now needs to be healed.

Trust YOU, the way you feel, the emotions arising, the knowing in your soul and respond to that … before you are forced to react … there is a very big difference …

And an overwhelming decrease in the amount of trauma we are then exposed to and in need of recovery from ❀ As they say… “an ounce of Prevention…”

We are feeling BEings from birth, children rely on these feelings to guide them. It is not until we teach them to hide, subdue or disrespect their innate knowing that they begin to distrust their self. This leads to a life long disconnection from self, a lack of trust not only in ourselves but in those we encounter through life.

Being taught that you don’t know what you think or feel, the lack of a safe environment to explore and question thoughts, feeling and ideas, the notion that we are less than anyone else… all lend to the epidemic of mental wellness and chronic health issues plaguing our society… and has been for some time.

Allowing ourselves, and especially our children the space, respect and truly UNconditional love to explore life, to ask the difficult, and often times uncomfortable questions, as the unique innate BEings we are will most certainly help to reduce the amount of dissatisfaction, dis-ease and disconnection and play a vital role in the healing of our world.

We are all equal, we are all one. NO ONE is greater or more powerful than another until you give them your power… due to Faith, Upbringing, feelings of Inferiority… what ever the cause…

Allow others to treat you ONLY as a peer, regardless of Title or Stature… There is Respect, and there is Inferiority… choose Respect… and Kindness… and Love! ❀

Video credit: James MinderΒ … I specifically chose this editorialized version as it very closely aligned with my thoughts as I watched this unfold. Thank you James for speaking and sharing the hard realities in which we live.


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