Local & Online Classes


August and September Classes

*be sure to follow link to confirm time and register!

Will be held outside of the studio. You may also join us Online 
Thu 7 PM ·
Zoom Online Conference
Thu 11 AM ·
Zoom Online Conference
Tue 12 PM ·
Fri 6 PM ·

Join me for this Introduction class about all things natural and healing! We will dive deep into:

The benefits of Essential Oils
* What they are and Why they work
* How to use them (Aromatic, Topical and Ingestion)
* Incorporating them into your everyday life

The benefits of Other Natural gifts and therapies
* Exploring Crystals and their healing properties
* Colloidal Silver/Salts/Supplements and their place in your life
* Engergetic and Vibrational relations

You will gain an overall deeper understanding of:

* FDA labeling and requirements
* Overall Health and how to begin the journey
* Safety and Precautions of all these as well as Western Medicine treatments and why they differ
* How gaining a deeper relationship and understanding with your body can open much more than simply weight loss, acute trauma, chronic and mental wellness and…

so much more!


Drop-In: $14 Prepaid/$20 at door
Discounts available – see package offerings in link


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