Is it Illness or Neglect?

Getting ready to go soak in my salt bath… mmmm… I’m way overdue! How do I know? I can feel it in every cell of my body. I could choose to believe it is a flare up of my Fybro and CFS, however… in understanding the underlying cause of such disease I have to accept the responsibility for what I am feeling…

In a mindful approach, I step through my pain to recognize that in tearing through the label of disease I can accept responsibility for not nurturing myself to my fullest… I have slacked on giving my body the attention, care and nourishment it deserves and it is screaming at me to not neglect my most vital vessel of my soul…

In choosing to not adhere nor feed my mind the beliefs that a label would provide, the excuses to not dig deeper and truly connect with my soul and feel where my BODY and LIFESTYLE are not connecting, in going beyond the Western influence and going within i realize that my body feels like shit because…. well… we are only as good as what we put in, right?

Leaky gut, Inflammation due to nutrient loss and inflammatory foods, hormones off kilter, energy collection and a need to release… and oh boy… that shows me all I need to know!

Young Living Essential Oils
Mmmm… so much goodness in these little bottles!

So today, I take a break…. I offer my body what it is craving and I nourish in response… starting with a routine that offers not only physical nourishment, but soul & spirit alignment through mediation (the tub is a phenomenal place to meditate), energetic renewal through release and revitalization techniques while cleansing and feeding my physical body sea nutrients, essential oil intoxication, magnesium infusion and vibration raising goodness… all while relaxing for a mere 20 minutes…

Seems pretty no brainer, eh?

  • Choose your oil(s)… today I was guided to En-R-Gee, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lavender & Frankincense…
  • Add 2 cups Epsom Salt,
  • Add at least one cup Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
  • and/or Celtic Sea salt in
  • bath water at the highest temperature you can tolerate.
  • Soak for at least 15 minutes…
    • use the time to turn inward and release all that no longer is serving you… release as the tub drains… Ohhhhhh….. the goodness!

Enjoy your day sweet souls and as always, comment or message me if you have any questions or are interested in receiving guidance along your journey! I also invite you to to try intuitively blended salt baths for what your body is craving… Today!

Namaste… Love & Joy


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