A personal reflection on the article “What if all I want is a Mediocre Life?”

Simple-2-1A personal reflection on the article What if all I want is a Mediocre Life?


As I find this article once again in front of me I am drawn to it with a new curiosity. I am immediately transported back to the first moment this article was magically gifted to me … a place where fear and anxiety still were my blanket, where I wondered why and how I’d gotten here, this was not what my life was suppose to look like. I was in the throws of self-discovery, of releasing lifetimes of pain, of never being enough, of never allowing my self to honor my soul…

And yet, as I re-read these delicate words of acceptance I feel very much the same as I did when these words were first absorbed by my heart. A resounding YES!!! jumping from my lips carried into the vibration of my soul.

Then, in an effortless moment I withdraw and sigh a raw… Yes… and no… and YES! And I begin to inhale everything this second coming of my truth offers me…

This IS how I want to live… in life, in love, of my heart and in my home… however, as my part in the world, I cannot have a desire greater than to share love and understand, knowledge and acceptance, honor and compassion, consciousness and non-judgement on the grandest most global stages! I have come to honor that I was never placed here to play small, I was to experience the lifetimes of trauma, of joy, of trials and of victories to not fully share and examine each as the stepping stones that has brought me to today… And to share these lessons and knowledge with others who are in need of receiving.

I have fought a self deprecating war with the casualties of this war being my honor, my heart and my soul… For the gift is… I have fought the battles and I have been a warrior and today I declare victory over the war!


Today, I will basque in the sunshine of hope and inspiration… I will shout my messages, my wisdom and my knowing into the abyss of a cyber world with the hope & intention that one day….
My Mediocrity will be the voice someone heard and it saved their soul!



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