Serendipity 10/26/2016


Today I was guided to use the “Notes from The Universe on Abundance” deck from Mike Dooley… I have been questioning my pursuit of my dream, this dream that involves each one of you. I have taken on several new roles withing this venture, Including a leadership roll with Alexanders Grace, including attending the year long business academy, working to attain my Coaching Certification, as well as pursuing my Yoga Certification… all while launching my dream of Reflections of Serendipity! And all while maintaining a home and nurturing 4 beautiful amazing children and supporting a very hard working husband… Well, today I received a message so strong and deep… One that was needed to allow me to bless myself with Grace to pursue what is my deep calling on this earth…

You see, I have been interpreting signs along my journey, signs that have been guiding me to share with the universe my experiences and lessons of healing and energy, I now believe… Inappropriately.

Since the beginning of my awakening, and even in the darkest of my abyss, I knew I had a book within me… I knew I had a great message to share with the world and that through the seasons of my destruction, my discovery and my recovery I could guide and support others to this beautiful light that awaits them upon the “Awakening” of their soul!

However, each time that I believed it was my time to share my message out I would receive messages from the Universe… Ones that said NO! Now is not the time? What do you know? What makes you think you can help anyone? You are still not whole and have a long journey ahead of you! I have “wanted” to start my book, or at least a blog for over 5 years now and have been faced with the inability to take action… It was easy to excuse myself early on… I was too ill, I didn’t know from day to day if i would remain in existence to follow through on this expedition so I didn’t… I didn’t share the devastation that had brought me to this point in my journey that required me to let it all go…

Then, after my awakening and my guidance to live this Season openly and vulnerably I was too busy absorbing every ounce of knowledge I could get my eyes on! I wanted to know everything BEFORE sharing myself out here… however, in doing so I had absorbed so much insight, lessons, spirit and energy that it them became “impossible” to get the chatter of it all out of my head and into print… Where to start? How to go about it? What if I do it wrong? (now that’s a big one you’ll hear a lot from me, I’m a bit OCD and a Perfectionist)!

I’ve had some very high times lately being completely inspired and excited about “Serendipity” and then, as the blocks come, as life becomes more needy, as the Resistance rears its ugly head of discouragement and defeat I lose my inspiration, my gusto! I give into the resistance and erroneously interpret it as the Universe saying NO!!! Now is not the time… things begin to happen outside of me that tell me Wait…

So, Yesterday…

A fellow leader in Alexanders Grace posted vulnerably about her “overwhelm and being stopped by confusion and doubt”! Oh boy, how I could totally relate! I responded, of course with words of encouragement that she was not experiencing this alone…I was right there along side her! My direct response was ” I’m right where you are sweet sister so although I’m not offering a solution I’m letting you know you are so NOT alone! We’ve been having massive upheaval around here and wondering how in the world I’m going to fit me, my dreams & desires into it all. I’m so trained to let go of what’s important for me first, that it’s my go to programming and now doubting for “trying” so hard to give myself what I know I want which is causing blocks, exhaustion and the like…the idea that I’m forcing something instead of following the signs to let this go (which I now recognize as the resistance trying to stop me). I hope you are feeling better already knowing you have so much support behind and with you and are heeding the call from your brothers and sisters here in AG! You’ve so got this beautiful lady!!!

A short while later… a friend, Emily Fisher (Who’s great at holding you accountable, btw) posted a wonderful video about educating yourself through reading and here is what transpired on Facebook:

Me: My problem is too much knowledge, not enough action!!!
Emily: Ah!! I understand.. so.. what are you going to do about that Janel?
Me: Hahaha, Dang, you called me out, lol! I am actually talking with my son about it right now! I am going to step away from my electronics, the main source of my knowledge absorption and put knowledge into action through creating programs, offering, webinar by authoring the book I’ve had inside of me for quite some time! Through writing and sharing my knowledge I will better focus and force further action to fall into place!
Emily: awesome!!!! 😉 great idea! Good job!
Me: Why, thank you and I appreciate your support and encouragement Emily!”
Well, needless to say, thanks to this beautiful woman calling me out and me sending into the Universe my message of HOW I was going to stick with my dream and bring it to the world I have been feeling much freer again, the block has been released. All I want to do is write… the flow is like a fresh eruption from a Volcano that has been long awaiting its greatest eruption and is just oozing from every crevice…
So, this morning after dropping all the boys at school I came home and changed my routine… I did NOT sit down, smartphone in hand and lose myself in Facebook and absorbing articles, learning more of what I already know… I came in the house, stoked the fireplace and sad down for morning meditation (something I have easily pushed to the side, not making it a priority but a “filler” of sorts)… I only got about 10 minutes through my meditation and had a deep, urgent calling from the angels (specifically Archangel Michael and Raphael were with me) to stop… I had experienced what I needed through the meditation and was being inspired to pull some cards…
Of course, I first chose the app on my phone and pulled 3 cards. They were telling, of course… but then… the powerful message to go to my decks sent me on the journey… I was drawn to the “Notes from the Universe on Abundance” deck and set my intention… my first card, which was going to be my only card was “the only Economy that Matters and can actually put money in your purse, your wallet, or the cracks of your sofa is the economy CREATED BY YOUR THOUGHTS, WORDS & ACTIONS…” I felt validated, vindicated… It WAS time to finally prioritize myself and allow the nurturing of my dreams and spiritual guidance to take precedence and to not throw in the towel yet again…
But then, I was guided to draw another card (for you see, I did not notice the little “next” at the base of the card at this point)… it was such a powerful message that I almost disregarded, I had the deck half way into the box even with this underlying urge that I was to reveal another message… however, the cards fought me and would not allow themselves to be returned to their resting place… so, tuning in, I shuffled the deck again and in no time at all the next card revealed itself…
“If it was just about surviving, getting by, and keeping things the way they are, then how would you explain YOUR WILD IMAGINATION? If it was just about sacrifice, selflessness, and altruism, then how would you explain YOUR BURNING DESIRE? And if it was just about thinking, reflection, and spiritual stuff, then how would you explain THE PHYSICAL WORLD? Get the picture? Want it all. THAT’S WHAT ITS THERE FOR. Vroom Vroom…”
And So It Is… I WILL continue on… stronger in my message than ever before and with the great knowledge the universe has my back, guides me to the right people and the most important of messages at just the right moment and allows me to believe even more in its energy and support of each and every one of us… for we are its energy and messengers of the light… the passage of the most amazing gifts and encouragement for each soul who is awakening to this beautiful journey! So, keep coming back and experiencing the deep “Reflections of Serendipity” that reveal themselves in the most glorious of ways!

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