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Non-toxic, earth based living, Conscious approaches to support our children, spirituality is for everyone and so much more! Come play with me on Facebook at YOUnique Wholistic Living,  follow on Instagram  and Facebook and locally at my studio in Lake of the Pines, CA https://youtu.be/rap65DSw23M

Some fun at the new studio!

As I was sitting in the studio meditating and getting ready for class I felt drawn to share a little about this space... Some Singing Bowl vibrations shared, crystal fun and a bit about health and well-being! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! https://youtu.be/Q7Au_4FtMdU

Aries New Moon Gathering

Join in gathering in ceremony to celebrate the New Moon and all the glorious energy it will be providing. We will set intentions together, sharing as a collective, and be offered insight and perspectives to astrological alignment and how we can work with it to provide a co-creative abundance as an intuitive guidance. Anytime we … Continue reading Aries New Moon Gathering

Bayer and Monsanto: An Unholy Marriage

Bayer has just purchased Monsanto for 62.5 billion dollars, cementing one of the most unholy business marriages of all time. The two companies are equally yoked with a history of evil and self-serving business practices are concerned, and it’s important for the public to know what this massive business merger means.   The Bride Monsanto is … Continue reading Bayer and Monsanto: An Unholy Marriage

PSA & Call to Action: The FDA is out of control – you absolutely won’t believe this press release

 Jeff Hays Films Bought DoctoredUndoctored FahrenHype 9/11 On Native SoilPoliticians and Money Rigged 2016Vaccines Revealed GMO's RevealedChrist Revealed The Healing MiracleSkinny on Fat Jeff Hays Films The FDA is out of control – you absolutely won’t believe this press release FacebookTwitterGoogle+Reddit I have asked for your support in the past, but this time I need your help. I don’t often get intensely passionate or stand … Continue reading PSA & Call to Action: The FDA is out of control – you absolutely won’t believe this press release

Is it Illness or Neglect?

Getting ready to go soak in my salt bath... mmmm... I'm way overdue! How do I know? I can feel it in every cell of my body. I could choose to believe it is a flare up of my Fybro and CFS, however... in understanding the underlying cause of such disease I have to accept … Continue reading Is it Illness or Neglect?

Happy Father’s day

Today I shared about how Father's... or more specifically Dad's show up in many forms! We honor all the men who have offered a positive, supporting & nurturing roll in the life of a child... that's what a dad is really all about! Check out the FB live here: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10216309204072457&id=1524683738 So... Happy Dad's Day to … Continue reading Happy Father’s day